Started New Job at il Buco Alimentari & Vineria

June 2018 — Assistant sommelier

Manhattan, New York

I'm so proud to say that I will be a part of an amazingly talented, kind and wholesome team at il Buco as their new Assistant Sommelier. I am so much happier than before and finally found a job that brings me joy and catapults my career and hunger to learn. So grateful even during this time of recovery. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. 🥂

So I've finally made it make home to New York after a 20-day road trip from Los Angeles. I ate and drank so many different things, it was astounding! But now it's time to hit the pavement again. I start my studies at the American Sommelier Association in a week and I've never been so excited.

I begin with a 6-week foundation course that broadly studies viticulture, wine tasting, France, Spain, Italy, Southern Hemisphere and the USA. After that I'll be delving into a longer, more extensive semester but we'll talk about that once I get there.

Follow along on my social media, I'll be working on a new blog soon but I'll have a poll on what it will be because I have a few ideas to run by my followers. Love you all, as always.

Thank you to everyone who followed along on my LA to NYC road trip. And thank you to every restaurant, bar and venue for making my food and wine adventure worthwhile!

🗺 🚗 🍷

Los Angeles has been my home for the past few years but it's time to head back to the Motherland of New York City! I have already enrolled in my classes at the American Sommelier Association which start the first week of April. Zak and I will be taking the month of March to eat our way across the US back home to the east coast. Make sure to follow along on my Twitter and Instagram when we begin our trip!






So I've had my first piece of erotic fiction published in a book curated and edited by Asa Akira, published by Start Midnight LLC. It is available - order it here at Barnes & Noble or here at Amazon.



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I had the pleasure of speaking with Paul Austin from The Third Wave about my research in treating Bipolar 1 Disorder with micro-dosing LSD. Have a listen!

"Rachael Madori, social activist, entrepreneur and former adult film star, shares her experiences with psychedelics, and how they’ve helped her cope with substance misuse, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. Rachael says that without psychedelics, she wouldn’t be here today – a message that she strongly believes in sharing."

I loved being interviewed by the intelligent beauty and author, E. Bast, about my time in the adult industry and how it changed me as a woman and as a person in general. Click here to read "The Authentic Unveiling".