“The best is back folks! @rachaelmadori returns to @peerpleasurepod for a part two! As you all know she was one of my favorite guests and so many of you wrote in wanting her on again and here it is! Listen up, tell a friend and enjoy. There are some triggers on this episode dealing with mental health so please listen with caution if those can effect you.”




So I've had my first piece of erotic fiction published in a book curated and edited by Asa Akira, published by Start Midnight LLC. It is available - order it here at Barnes & Noble or here at Amazon.



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“One of the heaviest episodes we have done here at Peer Pleasure has been the amazing Rachael Madori when I was down in Los Angeles this past month for Podcast Movement. Rachael opened her life to all of us and shared a story of heartbreaking struggle and triumph over Mental Illness, specifically Bipolar 1 and Borderline Personality Disorder. We have received so much feedback on this episode from all walks of life that we partnered up for Mental Illness Awareness Week and urge all of you if you have not listened to this episode to please do so and tell a friend about her story.”


I had the pleasure of speaking with Paul Austin from The Third Wave about my research in treating Bipolar 1 Disorder with micro-dosing LSD. Have a listen!

"Rachael Madori, social activist, entrepreneur and former adult film star, shares her experiences with psychedelics, and how they’ve helped her cope with substance misuse, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. Rachael says that without psychedelics, she wouldn’t be here today – a message that she strongly believes in sharing."

Photo by Robin Clark

Photo by Robin Clark

I loved being interviewed by the intelligent beauty and author, E. Bast, about my time in the adult industry and how it changed me as a woman and as a person in general. Click here to read "The Authentic Unveiling".