By: Ren Marcelair


Episode 9: Porn, Wine, and Mental Health is out!!! Thank you for the gracious Rachael Madori for dropping by! Seriously one of my favorite episodes yet. Had the most amazing time recording Episode 9 of Her Unsettled Mind yesterday.”


By: Elizabeth Bast

Photo by Robin Clark

Photo by Robin Clark

“I had the pleasure of meeting Rachael Madori at a talk that Chor Boogie and I offered about the Iboga medicine with the Aware Project in Los Angeles. At the time, this polymath was exploring her expression as an adult film star, in addition to other gifts such as writing, activism, culinary arts, and fitness education. I would come to know Rachael as a multifaceted and compassionate being; she shared her inner world and raw struggles on her blog and social media platforms as much as she did her physical form and fire. It's a paradox: in the world of mainstream professional erotica, it is supposed to be about "revealing," but it generally only goes skin deep. Personally, I find the holistic, honest view of an artist far more compelling than any marketing mirage. (And yes, erotica can be art.) Through Rachael's journey and authentic unveiling, she has helped educate and inspire many people about mental health, mental illness, suicide awareness, psychedelic medicine, creative freedom, and what it means to be a real, whole person.”


By: Peer Pleasure Podcast

“Hello everyone and welcome to Episode 97 with one of our favorite guests on the show, Rachael Madori returns! For those of you who requested she come back on for another conversation this one is for you and be warned there are several triggers in this episode so listen with caution. We dive deep again into her story of depression and being in the hospital once again to battle her demons as well as her newest business ventures in New York and her journey from California where we last spoke, to the Big Apple! Don't forget to rate and subscribe!”


By: Asa Akira


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By: Peer Pleasure Podcast

“Welcome to Episode 49 my friends and we welcome this week Rachael Madori to our family of guests. What a fascinating, honest and true human being she is and you will all love this episode. We do go into some darkness in the episode so this one is not for children, but if you feel like you need help or are struggling with depression, reach out!”


By: Paul Austin of The Third Wave

Rachael Madori shares her experiences with psychedelics and how they’ve helped her cope with substance misuse, Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. Rachael says that without psychedelics, she wouldn’t be here today – a message that she strongly believes in sharing.

Rachael’s friends and family were initially skeptical about her use of psychedelics. Many just assumed she was misusing substances again. It was particularly hard to talk to her father, who had helped her recover from her drug addiction. However, she managed to convince people that psychedelics were showing her how to break free of her addictions – and showed her that the underlying cause for her substance misuse was an attempt to self medicate a disease she wasn’t even aware she had.


By: Captain Jack

“I first interviewed Rachael about a year and a half ago and met her for the first time at the 2016 AVN. She is an absolutely beautiful person and we talked like we had known each other for 10 years. We’ve kept in touch over the past year or so. She retired from the industry in December to pursue her dream of opening a restaurant. Rachael has an important story to tell and I thought it was important to get it out there.”