This bar in NYC is just my style!

68-38 Forest Ave, Flushing, NY 11385 - Sundown Bar 📍

Wow! All I can say. A cold and wet night in Brooklyn after a long shift at work. It’s a weird feeling working in hospitality - all day and night I serve and want everyone to feel like they’ve just had the best night of their life. Training to be a sommelier has made that more apparent but there’s some nights that are just rough. Well this night it was a double brunch and dinner shift in NYC. I was staying at a friends loft in Ridewoodge and once her and I got together I wanted to find a place to connect and have a nice drink, just chill. I wanted to feel the way I had been trying to make people feel all day. Nothing seemed to be open, I mean it was 1AM. But I Google searched “bar” and Sundown came up a block away. 

Let’s do it.

We walked past the place, we missed it because it’s so unassuming. When we turned around, convinced it was an unreal ad, I saw a neon sign that I assumed must be a bar/restaurant. I was expecting the worst at that hour but we walked in and it felt like we were transported. A small, maybe ten seat horseshoe bar, met us with a few 2 top tables watching over. The two bartenders were sweet, knowledgeable and just made the entire vibe great. In a small space like that your staff is KEY and these two hit the MARK.

She had wine. I suggested a Pinot Noir and the gentleman tending the bar went with their Grenache - key fit. I, of course, had an Islay Scotch. We had a great time, reminiscing and drinking. While the two employees gave us our space but at the same time stayed attentive and so cordial to the point it made my night. I told them “I will be back” and that’s the truth. I already plan to celebrate my new apartment purchase there, hands down, because of the vibe and those two employees. All I can say is if you want a romantic, cool, hip spot or hideaway to show your friends - GO HERE. They’ll be like “How did you even know this was here?” Very exclusive. You’ll get out front and be like “Uh this isn’t much” and walk in like you all went down Alice’s rabbit hole. You’re transported to a beautiful venue, one for hours of chatting and chilling. Do not miss out on this hot spot.