1 Rachael Out of Many

Like a skeleton hanging in a classroom.

Like an empty loft with a draft blowing through the ceiling beams.

Like the shed skin of a snake drifting on the sand.


I can remember feelings and emotions.

I recall I was a person with a soul before.

But right now she is gone, it is just scaffolding.


Right now there is a breeze through my chest, emptiness in my gut and hollow in my soul.

It’s cold in here.


Humans seem strange, the way their faces move and shape with emotion.

I used to be like that.

I will be like that again.


I will be bubbly, bright, loving and filled to the brim with emotions and empathy.

I’ll be a fully bloomed garden, a wild and alive forest.

But for now I am nothing but frame work. I am the structure that keeps me tall and standing.


And I will find relief when she comes back to fill up all the space she’s left vacant for now.

I don’t know where she goes.

Perhaps so much emotion cannot exist for too long, so she has to sneak away when I’m not looking - just to take a break.


It is my job to hold things up until she comes back.

But it's still cold in here.