I know the majority of people who hear the word "Research Chemical" or "PCP" lose their minds. It's because the government has manufactured a terrifying facade of these substances by only showing uneducated and unethical users. Like I've said many times on here: people have either good or bad relationships with these chemicals but the chemicals themselves are not bad. My journey last night was for my own mental and spiritual healing.

Psychoactive substances like psychedelics and dissociatives, including analogs of big old scary PCP, are things that have true spiritual purpose if used correctly. I don't advise people to do them. I don't advise people to get involved in things they don't understand. But this is my world. My healing process. My journey. 

I don't drink. I don't abuse drugs the way I once did. I don't "party". I utilize chemicals that have been so feared and slewed with negative propaganda from the very beginning by the government and media. It's true, people have bad relationships with drugs that alter your state of consciousness. But that doesn't make the chemical the enemy. We are the enemy. I've always said, you don't deserve to explore altered concisousness if you aren't content with exploring your own self sober.

I was consumed in music and focused on writing whatever my consciousness asked me to write. It was just a swift moment of clarity that I'm proud to have captured. It was therapeutic. I found peace in it. That's the point of delving into this state. Below is what I wrote when I was in that altered reality. 

So what makes us, us? I could lay here and melt into my couch. Become a mummified being. You’ll read my words, you still want to see what I have to say. I think we should step out of our skin and step into the air. Just be what we really are. I always say that the best perception is to have no perception at all. To see the world the way it is. What you see is what you see. How selfish to think you decide everyones reality? Leave our bodies and the bullshit. Be your inner being. I can crawl out from under a rock and be satisfied with what I see, but can you? I shed my skin of these things that these people say I am. I say who I am. I am fluid. I am unstoppable.