New York City

That city means the world to me.

I swear to God, I found my soul in those streets.

I kicked pavement to the skyscrapers for the world to see.

Every block I walked hit a fiber in me.


Walking alone in Bed-Stuy.

Somewhere between sober and high.

There were so may faces.

Who the fuck was I?


So many people. Too many things.

I started to give birth to who I was supposed to be.

All the glassy nights and busy sights started to uncork me.


I felt alive every time the subway shook me.

I remember that time you took me-

underneath the Brooklyn Bridge so quickly

just to show me where we were--

and how we were---

so tiny.


Dropping acid in Central Park

when it was snowy and too close to dark.

It was Christmas time, felt it in the air.

I could have happily died there.


I fell in love somewhere on 24th Street.

The city grew inside me once that happened.

"Hey baby, order me an Old Fashioned?"

God, I had love to ration.


Those raindrops hit the city lights like fractals.

No one but us seemed to like that weather.

We danced liked fools in the rain together.

I think you and I have been crazy forever.


We would sit on the median and watch traffic fly by.

You always laugh, I always sigh.

Always watching people walk by,

we promised to never say bye.


I’ve dropped tears in the East River and the Hudson.

I laughed my way from Coney Island to Times Square.

You remember that spot in Dumbo?

Who we are today was made there.