Rachael resides in Hollywood, California where she is studying wine and fine dining. She is pursuing the trade of a Sommelier and her fiancé continues his experience as a chef in Beverly Hills. They plan to travel the planet to work, learn and experience the ever changing world of food and drink.

Planning on relocating back home to New York City, Rachael will pursue an education via the American Sommelier Association in Manhattan.

She has a passion for hospitality, loving the aspect of turning something as necessary as food into a delicious, emotional and unforgettable experience.


Rachael is a mental health advocate and social activist. She is a suicide survivor and diagnosed with Bipolar 1 and Borderline Personality Disorder.

She is the Social Media Chair of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and also fundraises for the National Alliance on Mental Illnes (NAMI).

She first shared her story publicly at a Survivor Day event put on by the AFSP North New Jersey Chapter in hopes to spread awareness and understanding of what it is to be a suicide survivor and diagnosed with a mental illness. She continues to pursue public speaking in a way to further this cause.

Rachael is pursuing to be trained to work with adolescents as a public speaker on suicide and mental health in high schools.


Rachael advocates for alternative psychedelic medicine. She supports the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), a research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana.

As a researcher of psychedelic micro-dosing, she was interviewed by Paul Austin for The Third Wave, an organization that has a mission to change the way in which mainstream culture perceives psychedelic substances. You can listen to their podcast "Treating Bipolar Disorder with Psychedelicshere.

A self proclaimed psychonaut, Rachael tries to teach the world through her understanding and years of experience using psychedelics as healing medicines via blogging, interviews and public speaking.


A passionate writer, Rachael has published articles at sites such as SimplySxy and AVN. She has accomplished her first written piece of erotic fiction which will be published by Start Midnight LLC in the book Asarotica, curated and edited by Asa Akira. It will be available this November and you are able to pre-order from Barnes & Noble here.

She is continuously working on her first book which will be a memoir trailing her story through a childhood of dark madness and mental illness, trials, tribulations and finally being reborn as a brand new conscious and spiritual being.

She wants to highlight that although she still struggles to maintain sanity on a day to day basis, it is possible and there is a higher plain of existence through the pain.

Rachael continues to blog as an outlet for her advocacy and creativity.


A former adult film star, Rachael was a Spiegler Girl - the highest esteemed roster of performers in the industry.

She proudly holds awards including 2015 Inked Awards Starlet of the Year, 2016 Inked Awards Best Scene of the Year and the 2016 Alternative Media Awards Performer of the Year.

Her proud and unadulterated voice as a pervious sex worker sheds light and dismantles the stigma associated with the sex industry. She continues to advocate for and support sex workers rights and women's rights.